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Lobotomy Room is a reflection of the quality of individuals who have contributed to the project. All trades have been required; structural, electrical, mechanical, fine carpentry, drywallers, painters, tapers, ceiling and window cappers, carpet layers, seamstresses, graphic designers, IT people, audio-video installers, even cooks. All free of charge and a great party. Everybody loves to contribute and participate. Lobotomy Room is set up really well but who knows what the future will bring. We now have a video fireplace, a laser light show, and a fog machine, so just when we think it couldn’t be topped someone comes up with another great idea.

The main purpose of the project is to bring people together and developing Lobotomy Room has certainly done that. They say it’s the journey not the destination and that isn’t more true than with our endeavor. Lobotomy Room would not have got off the ground if not for the efforts, encouragement, skill and brain power of the following people and many others too numerous to mention. Lobotomy Room is important and meaningful and your efforts will always be remembered and appreciated.


Mom loved it in Lobotomy Room more than anyone. She would spend much of the spring, summer, and early fall in Lobotomy Room as well as working in the yard with the flowers and in the garden. I really cherish those last years with her and she was the first person to encourage taking it to the next level.

One thing she loved about Lobotomy Room was all the friends it attracted. She could stay in the house and come out when she wanted to enjoy the company for a while and return when she was tired or had enough of us. Occasionally one of the ladies would venture into the house to chat. When they returned they would always say “your Mom is so nice!”

Mom always had a good eye for where to hang pictures but of course after a while they were placed where there was space. One evening I asked her if she thought a piece was being crowded and she said “I think it’s a little late for that. In for a penny in for a pound so grow the collection and don’t worry about the space, it looks great and you’re having fun so carry on”.

She would have loved the fireplace. I really miss her.


Steve - Mr. Everything. Project manager, structural consultant, electrician, networking specialist, carpet layer, painter, drywaller, motivator, muse, brain-stormer, idea man. He’s been there every step of the way and treated it like his own. If there is one person who is responsible for what Lobotomy Room is today it is Steve. Pretty good for an Eskimo fan.


The light came on for Ward in ‘86 when we were roommates and I watched a game from start to finish that the Riders lost 56-0. Above everyone else he really gets it, and he got it early. Ward is a great sounding board when I can’t find the words for what I am trying to communicate in articles, videos, and on the website. This is a picture of his best Brian Mulroney impersonation.

Ken and Nancy

Ken & Nancy – The Saskatoon Connection. These two make a special trip every year to watch Grey Cup in what Nancy calls “The World Famous” Lobotomy Room and when they’re passing through town they always stop in for a game of “What’s New in Lobotomy Room”. We stay at their place on our way through to Regina for games and they often join us.



Collecting Rider gear put me in touch with Don in 2005 and we have become good friends. We travel to Regina together for many of the games and I have yet to hear the same story twice. He loves Lobotomy Room and has offered some smokin’ deals on rare gear. This is a picture of Don and his youngest daughter Ashley at the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto. She constantly asks him to turn his own garage into Lobotwomy Room.


Jay Coult Everybody! – If you think Lobotomy Room is a great place to watch a game you should try it for a jam session. We insulated the hell out of that place, its air tight, and really sound proof. Not only has Jay been a big help building Lobotomy Room he loves to bring his musician buddies over to play some Joe Satriani, Stanley Clarke, and of course their very own rock and roll version of Rider Pride. Jay also likes to barricade himself in Lobotomy Room Sunday mornings for two straight hours of Coronation Street. That’s right,…...I said Coronation Street.



Doug Coult  - My Dad is the Regina Scout for Lobotomy Room. All the memento’s and collectables from the 40’s and 50’s were from his era. He watched those Rider teams play and has stayed in touch with some of the players. Both my parents were devout Roughrider fans and like most families it was just a way of life. Dad scours flea markets, garage sales, and generally keeps an eye out for Rider gear in the Regina area. He travels to Edmonton 4 or 5 times a year to get his fix of Lobotomy Room where he can be found out there playing jazz CD’s.


Dal made the Lobotomy Room sign!!! And he helped out a whole lot when Lobotomy Room was just getting off the ground.




Painter Mike – Painter Mike is our plumber.



Mike Reno - The Mad-Capper, he did a great job with the windows and the ceiling. He moved to Peace River, too bad. Mike gets it too.

Range family
The Range Family – Along with Father, Ron, and Step Mom, Madeline, the whole Range family gathers at Lobotomy Room for the numerous events. You will not find nicer people. Look at them. Is that wholesome or what.

Range family

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Lobotomy Room
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