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welcome to the Lobotomy Room    

This site was created to share passion, stories, photos, videos, music and information. It is also a portal to our Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger sites as well as a link to Skype live directly into Lobotomy Room itself!

After years trying to explain Rider Pride it became too frustrating. The great feelings were not understood by even the closest friends. A tangible was needed to help communicate some of the passion. If the accumulating items were displayed in a place for people to gather maybe Rider Pride could be understood and in 2004 Lobotomy Room was born. The name is from a 70’s SCTV comedy skit and was unique and fitting. It suggests a stress free environment where people can completely relax and bask in the glory of those ever-luvin’ Roughriders.

Lobotomy Room started innocently enough, a few jerseys were hung, a logo painted on the wall, a big screen, a bar, a fridge, and we thought it looked pretty sharp. Then eBay was discovered and it snowballed after that. For four years straight, parcels were arriving three or four times a week as the search expanded to other forms of collecting.

It then evolved in a different direction and now serves another purpose - Preserving Roughrider History.

Lobotomy Room
My status Up to 10 Skypers at one time!
Lobotomy Room
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